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I'm Julia. I'm from New London, MN, come from a large family, and worked my way through college on a paving construction crew. I've spent over 13 years working in human resources and safety serving the manufacturing industry. My passion is to help people. This comes in many forms, from helping companies with their business strategy or leadership team to assisting with their personnel management or safety programs. I strive to help companies foster great work environments and create teams who get results. In order to do that, your company needs to have proper setup and processes that make a positive impact towards company goals.

Toxic work environments, low morale, high turnover, unnecessary overhead costs, and a weak leadership team could all be prohibiting your company from growth.

If you're here, you're probably looking for help in these areas OR just looking to take the burden of HR tasks off your plate.

As an HR professional, I know what it takes to be compliant, organize the department, foster a good culture and keep employees engaged.

Don't have HR background but are expected to know it? I can also help! I offer coaching to help you feel more confident with those tougher HR tasks.

Safety is another strength of mine! With working in construction for 6 years and manufacturing for 13, I offer the knowledge of OSHA laws, how to stay compliant, what a safety program should look like, and how to make the safety procedures work in your company and to ensure your employees will follow them!

My Services

hr consultation

Assistance with all things HR:

  • Let's start with an HR Assessment!
  • Employee Handbook & Policies
  • HR Forms
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Engagement & Communication
  • ....and more!

hr coaching

New to the HR world? HR is your "second hat" you're wearing? I will spend time with you to help you understand HR, feel more comfortable with different HR tasks, and teach you how to structure your HR department.

safety consultation

Perform safety audit and assessment, OSHA compliance, safety program and policies/procedures

work with me

business strategy

Guidance on outlining the plan of action to achieve the company's vision, set objectives, and help identify the decision-making processes to improve the company’s financial stability in a competing market.

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